Ok. Today.

by Cory Tauber

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Album Notes
Ok. Today. began its production in the tiny gem of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, was given its torment and agony in Los Angeles, and came full circle to reach completion back on the beach in Costa Rica within four pine walls. The focus of the album includes three concepts: searching, nostalgia, and contrast. In searching, Tauber is constantly grasping for answers to the self, the group, and the whole. In terms of nostalgia, he is searching for answers within the context of his past/ history and how he can connect them with reality and real life representation. Contrast comes into play as it is always been who he is. Tauber has always loved to see the limits of where things can go. This, in large part, is where his interest in photography stemmed from—he always wanted to “bust out” all the blacks and whites and blend out everything else just to have as much contrast as possible. This juxtaposing allows him to reinvestigate how he creates in general.

As an introduction of himself to the world, Tauber aims to prompt people to raise questions within themselves, and to tear things down and apart as it is the first step. This is where his mind stood while writing the Ok. Today. It is a presentation of all the negativity with a hint of light. “Once you accept the tear down, the light is what’s going to grow once you’ve accepted the depth of the darkness.”

Ok. Today. Topics As Related To Tauber
Each of these concepts relates to Tauber personally as “we’re all human.” These topics meant a lot the mentality he held about society and the negative aspects, and on a more personal level, one-on-one relationships. It is a channel and medium to learning about the whole. This starts with acceptance of yourself, acceptance of people directly around you, and acceptance of your relationship with the whole and how we all interact with each other.

Emotion Behind Ok. Today.
Ok. Today. Is about family connection more than anything. It is the point Tauber discusses whenever he mentions the EP as it is his father playing the piano, and his older brother on bass.

What Makes Ok. Today. Different
Tauber’s influences include everything: stimuli, music, mentality, vibe. He is taken back a certain degree in his roots by his father—the passion he has and the time period he lived through. Tauber believes that not many people respect or appreciate the foundation which they have built upon inside themselves. This acceptance of family, music, and what he was raised with has heart. It is unbound by genre, and in that, not bound by anything. Not by the reason to make it. It is an expression of self and state of mind.


released August 16, 2012

Bass: Sean Tauber
Piano: Jim Tauber



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Cory Tauber Simi Valley, California

Cory Tauber takes listeners on a captivating journey through the mind of an independent artist. Giving off a profoundly, resolute poetic vibe with tortured, yet breathy vocal inflections and impassioned guitar strumming, he speaks his heart, but leaves just enough room for the audience to wonder about his life experiences, making for an enchanting, almost intoxicating listening experience. ... more

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